Fuel injectors are essentially valves that control the flow of fuel into your car’s engine. What cleaner for fuel injectors should you get? What is the best cleaner for fuel injectors? What kind of cleaner can you get to clean your fuel injection system and get rid of contaminants and gunk in the fuel delivery system? What kind of cleaner can you use to improve the quality of your fuel and further prevent problems down the road? What is the best cleaner for fuel injectors? What kind of cleaner will keep all the parts moving freely, resulting in more power and higher gas mileage, as well as a better chance at passing emissions testing?

The answer to all these questions and more is Lucas Fuel Treatment (LUC10020) with Fuel Injector Cleaner. This one product will work hard to completely clean, lubricate and protect your entire fuel injection system, which results in better power and higher gas mileage plus a better change of passing emissions testing. Keep your engine running like new!

When it comes to knowing what is the best cleaner for fuel injectors, Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner with its unique blend of solvent cleaners and lubricants is one of the best.

Lucas Fuel Treatment is a heavy duty premium fuel system cleaner designed to safely remove harmful deposits from your vehicle’s fuel system. Lucas Fuel System Cleaner dissolves gum and varnish that cause hard starting, rough running, hesitation, pinging and stalling problems.

Lucas is designed to be used with all grades of gasoline. It contains no solvent which can dry out seals and cause your fuel system parts to crack or break down.

Lucas Fuel Treatment helps keep your engine running its best during all seasons by:

1. Cleaning and removing harmful deposits that rob your engine of power and gas mileage, and cause it to run poorly.

2. Keeping your fuel injectors firing properly so you’re getting maximum acceleration from your engine.

3. Forming a high performance seal on metal surfaces to prevent leaks in the fuel system.

4. Eliminating all engine knocking, pinging and hesitation problems.

5. Speeding the starting of cold engines in winter weather conditions.

6. Reducing or eliminating some maintenance requirements on older model cars that may have stuck valves, helping to restore lost compression and power output to your engine.

7. Conditioning the seals and preventing carbon from building up on the piston crowns.

8. Making your vehicle more responsive at all speeds by helping to eliminate hesitation problems caused by gum, varnish and other deposits that clog fuel passages.

9. Maintaining complete protection against detonation or pre-ignition under all conditions of engine operation.

10. Removing some harmful lead deposits from your engine, which can cause rough idle and a loss of power under certain driving conditions.

Maintaining a healthy fuel injection system will give you improved gas mileage, better engine performance and fewer emissions. To help preserve the life of your vehicle, you can add a good fuel injector cleaner every oil change for maximum protection against harmful deposits that could clog vital passages and rob your engine of power.